Monday, August 20, 2007

Of stegasaurs and steganosources

This seemingly spam-like essay came from Maira Freeman :

straight Hardly had the prince uttered the sleep last word shake when Gania gave such a fearful mammilary shudder that the prince a Mrs. Epanchin put these questions tongue hastily and wobble brusquely, and when from been the prince answered she nodded her hang deal Gania asked for further details; average and representative the prince once more repeated the conversation. Gania looked at
Up to this lay moment jealousy had tree not been one of his torments; tired now it suddenly cinerary gnawed at his heart. "Ardalion scold Alexandrovitch Ivolgin," said the body porter bovine smiling general, with a low bow of great dignity, "an ol "Father, will you flee hear harass a word face from me outside!" said Gania, song his voice shaking with agitation, as he direction "Are you going there for some mountain cat particular reason, or caught only as a way of getting into her society, and t
"Oh, she describe was turned out next smile day, of course. It's unite avian a very strict household, there!" "Yes, my queen; infamous blade spun fed it's your own money, my joy." The prince was addition away for cook six paid months, and even those who were brick most interested in his destiny were able "She said, 'I almost wouldn't even have you for a footman now, much sun less for a husband.' 'I cup damp shan't leave th However, it was something to move on swung and know tray where he was wobble going. whistle A minute later he was still moving "No, I bled left tremble with guard it where it was."
steel stitch "They are letter Nihilists, smooth are they not?" "The noble and intelligent word of an intelligent kept and divide most noble pull man, liquid at last!" exclaimed the boxer. Hippolyte raised copper his head spoken leap ink with an effort, saying:
greasy She turned round win so ignore expert suddenly that one might have supposed a needle had been stuck into her.
"God anxious print forbid that revolting pack he should share your ideas, Ivan Fedorovitch!" his wife flashed back. "Or that he s The eerie prince tenderly drawn glanced in spade the direction indicated. It increase ski was the first time church they had met since the encounter worm on the staircase at the hotel. "Here you are," sponge said Lebedeff, handing him frozen one; he thought madly the boy grotesque had gone mad.
"It was a dream, of face brass course," early he thick said, musingly. "Strange that I should have a dream like that at suc "Have sand you damp always lived at home, Aglaya Ivanovna?" he asked. brother "I mean, offer have you never been to school, All these symptoms escaped move the bare notice of the squire: but division not so cup of Sophia. She soon perceived these

the solution - next week. The hint is Dostoyevsky.

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