Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Siteseeing of Russian Secrets

  • A well-defined, staggered pattern ABM site housing Gazelle missiles, 55°34'39"N 37°46'15"E
  • Federal State Unified Facility, officially an establishment similar to U. S. General Services Administration, comprising of a concrete plant, miscellaneous warehouses and numerous sheds - except it is under the FSB command, 55°33'55"N 37°45'24"E
  • GRU's OSNAZ (ЦРПУ) unit 309 is based at the Military Detachment 34608 here 55°22'8"N 37°28'45"E
  • Recently declassified village of Berezki, containing a secret communication facility that has since passed on to Rostelecom for an unspecified use, 55°14'53"N 37°31'10"E
  • summer cottages for KGB's 15 & 16 Departments, 55°15'1"N 37°25'22"E
  • GRU and SVR summer cottages, 55°14'50"N 37°24'45"E
  • A seemingly abandoned site known only as "UTK" that is reported to be an engineering reconnaissance training center, and guarded by armed roaming patrols, 55°11'27"N 37°39'17"E
  • Rostelecom satellite communications support facility, with huge, dome-enclosed satellite dishes 55°45'31"N 38°39'34"E
  • Former ammunition depot, the traces of which is visible in the tell-tale pattern, the rectangular off-limits perimeter now serving as a training center for armored corps 55°56'37"N 38°28'47"E
  • Military Base, a Military Detachment, detachment number undisclosed 55°48'36"N 37°55'31"E
  • FSB Training Center and Military Detachment No. 2056, also home to the Border Guard training center; an off-limits, well-guarded Microbiology Research Facility is located less than 1 km NE of the military base, at 54°58'23"N 37°13'25"E
  • Headquarters and Operations Center for the important Early Missile Detection (Warning) Strategic System, including a Don or Dunay phased array, at Kurilovo, 55°4'1"N 37°2'45"E
  • Military Detachment No. 64035, (Long Distance Communication Unit), together with the General Staff Communication Center, all inside the formerly classified city of Chekhov-3, 55°8'50"N 37°16'50"E
  • Declassified town of Zarya, 55°45'31"N 38°4'56"E, associated with the Strategic Air Defense Headquarters 4.5 km WNW at 55°46'37"N 38°1'15"E
  • One of the first and few baseball diamonds in Russia, at 55°47'45"N 38°1'2"E, which unwittingly served as a recce scale reference for metrics on the nearby Severniy-2 (55°47'47"N 38°1'26"E) classified town converted into summer cottages for the Defense Ministry's flag officers, and for the Strategic Air Defense Headquarters, see above, one of the terminal stations of the Moscow's secret subway.

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