Friday, July 20, 2007

Lost Walkie-Talkie Put To Smart Sleep

Recently a soldier's HT got irretrievably lost, to no fault of his own. He did not remember whether he put his set into the default standby mode, either by CHANF or CHANS right before turning it off.

Upon hearing of this episode, where the set was taken for a routine 1 minute communication check by another teammate, the CO clicked CALUS (call user), DISCNOT (color indicator notify) and ANCOCH (announce code change). An unsuspecting finder-keeper will never know what the flashing LED would mean, and through playing with the buttons, which might remind him of a police scanner, would surely deactivate all the HT functions save for the beacon-self-ID frequency beeps. FBI should have an easy time locating this wonder CB radio, and racking up additional favors from the JTF.

Greetings to all our friends at Yahoo Crypto.

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