Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Salwiss (Space-Air-Land-Water Intelligence and Surveillance System)

With the ongoing wars concentrating on battling the insurgents who operate in small groups, often at night, using small craft and small vehicles, employing their own methods of defeating FLIR, starlight, and heat seeking sensors, the existing defense target acquisition systems do not exactly meet the needs.

The basis for the SALWISS relies on every weapon platform serving as a sensor platform as well. The system uses the following sensors, some euphemistically described:

  • thermal,
  • metal capacitance differential wave refraction,
  • night sight,
  • motion processor,
  • various sonobuoys,
  • key-, frequency- and split-shifting radar
  • synthetic-aperture radar
  • geometry fuzzy-logic analyzer

Besides the standard platforms, which are aircraft, ships, submarines, the sensors, where appropriate, are mounted on tanks, armored bulldozers, tree-embedded or camouflaged devices, as well as commander’s GPS devices.

The SALWISS display is similar to TADS, but is substantially more intuitive as a target designation means and GUI. Each target is captured, processed, and assigned its own unique Target Tag. Each TT resembles Web’s URLs, however, besides a concise code for a target’s coordinates, TT also has a code of the properties and behavior, which include a description of a target’s heat, motion, and history.

This is a rather brief description of this system. Screenshots and more to follow.

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