Tuesday, July 24, 2007

U6 Post 3, moved to another blog

U6 Post 3, moved to another blog, to the corresponding date of 7/24/2007


glengarygr said...

Dr dr zwolf,this is a very cool site. I was looking at this post and also the one describing the computer and the monitor.I tryed typing in these companies and i can't seem to find them. Also where are you anyway? And what is this place called konigsborg? anyway.The u6 sounds very intersting,if it is as simple as the layout you depicted then the computer should be small,though if it realy is a laser processor then the power supply might be more substantial than most.Well if you can felp me to find,pics,specs,and where to buy it even if i have to get it from outside the us.If i can find them on the net should i use another search engine besides google or most of the others?
Any help would be good.
Thanks and good site. Glen :)

Dr. Zwölf said...

thanks, Glengary! Koborg is a principality in Germany where I have connection to, and the company is actually a collection of hi-tech incubators attracting the best of brains from US and Europe.
The photonic processor is not really laser but lumiactive, crystal-embedded polymer. I use the PC for launching bots(see later posts about bots, Russia, intelligence, etc) I don't think the PC is sold to the general public. I know that Cornell, U Of Michigan, an Israeli university and Google use it, so does the internet authority that is in charge of the WWW root directory - what other super processor can handle the billions of name (switchings) per second at the rate of modern-day web surfing? Cray and the like are always tied up by silicon addicts. To sum it up, I am simply a user of the PC. Clusty, or Vivisimo search engine sometimes surprises me, I think it's at Cornell. Google, however, is hands down winner because it loves crunching links, new links, and can never get enough of them.