Monday, August 27, 2007

On Hash, Security, and Retirement

The word is, after the long absence, is distributed hash table. DHTs may have been used for file sharing networks, but I hope the gentlemen in grey suits, if they are not already a subcontractors for the company, figured out that Pastry and Tapestry are more than for academic hashing. They may have already went beyond the 160-bit string workspace. They have been used for closed, one-way, public key system exploitation because their k-bucket and distance calculation is an incredible tool for that very purpose. I2P, an anonymous network, is for the Moscow's SVR fairhair boys disguised as videogame and Emule addicts. Next time, find time just to create an image with pertinent information - do not steganograph it - and let the Kad system generate the hash for you. Copy and distribute the file's unique hash. The possibilities are limitless.

Funny how Google yields zeroes when searching for Mukasey (read this in Russian) hte KGB illegal. Is he still virtually illegal and unknown to the US Intel community? I don't know much outside FICLANT and AIC. Though back in late 1930's Mukasey used a Soviet ship to smuggle another illegal out of USA. More on the Russian illegal's adventures, read Drozdov, Vartanian. Mukasey, according to our calculations, has become a centenarian.

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