Sunday, November 18, 2007

Atlantic exports: more than just gold

The eye on gold would see that the amount of dollars yielded from gold sales would weaken dollar even more, but the dollar certificates bearing itnerest traded at a slightly higher price of $1.021 to a dollar bearing the same lucrative 3.75%.

Atlantic exports

According to the Attland Council of Commerce:

In the Industrial sector, many of these technologies turned out to have contributed to impressive export volume in the past 5767 year.

  • optronic computers, components, displays, marquees, intelligent cameras, and optronic-electronic interfaces
  • hybrid automobiles, parallel, serial, and other variations
  • high-performance super-digitized automotive engines
  • synthetic wood
  • high-performance turbine engines
  • floating refineries
  • modular nuclear reactors
  • diamonds, gems
  • crystal-impregnated plastics
  • specialty luxury jewelry and watches
  • medical sensing instrumentation
  • oil development equipment
In the agriculture sector:

  • the bread tree (not to be confused with the breadfruit tree) products -the leaf paste, the fruit and its pulp, the petals, the bark and other edible and non-edible harvest derivatives
  • the chocolate carob products- the pure chocolate that is 99.99% identical to chocolate that is free from any other processing stages
  • new llama-alpaca breed wools
  • spider and worm silks
  • new variants of vanilla
In the service sector, there is:
  • the gold banking services, led by the Atlantic Royal Bank
  • the wholesale deposit insurance, led by Koborg Capital Security, an ARB affiliate
and that returns us to The Eye on the Gold topic

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