Thursday, November 15, 2007

King Yarl's Career Summary; An Eye on Gold

King Yarl has over 40 unpublished research papers that he had decided to keep to himself and to use it to advance his national agenda. A peer-reviewed report on his research on phenomena of ion-mass diffusions, complete work not reported.

The discoveries in the diffusion were used to develop (a) the manufacture of integrated photonic fibers, microprocessors and memory, (b) electron cascade discharge reaction, (c) the manufacture of bionic power materials.

The King also invented and developed applications in:

revolutionary electric motor and generator designs;

compact nuclear reactor designs;

method for separating deuterium and tritium heavy waters;

devices and methods for remote sensing of metal, oil and gas;

remote sensing devices and systems;

drilling and recovery methods for oil and gas;

artificial intelligence for video sensing and processing;

ionized matter and plasma storage system;

plasma jet propulsion and the engine;

catalyzed waste processing.

Notable non-scientific projects involved his plan to liberate Atland. He has invested all of his family treasury to accomplish this, and the liberation operations bore names of SKI GAMES, which were training and preparations for WINTER BREAK, the actual landing and reconquest.


The dollar gains today, and causes the woes over its credit policies to launch profit taking by sales of gold.

Spot gold 787.40 rising
Spot silver 14.45 rising
Spot Platinum 1428.00 and rising.

The Konigsborg Bank, however, maintained its previous levels for gold:

Gold sale price 834.15, buy price 810.25
Silver remained at 15.55
Platinum was kept below 1477.15

The Koborg Bank's prices mean that the metals will continue to flow into the Attland, even though the National Government decision was made to ask the Bank to sell unspecified amount of gold in order to lower the rates on the brand new interest-bearing gold accounts.

The National Government went ahead with the issuance of silver coins equivalent to 5, 10, 25 and 50 darlings. In addition to the silver coins, the Government started to issue darling fraction coins in denominations of 0.50 and 0.25 (forthing).

The sources in American metal trading houses claim, rather unofficially, that the Koborg Bank, as well as its Atlantic Royal Bank international operations continue to guarantee the gold's sale price, as witnessed by large-volume transactions which are bringing in incredible amounts of gold into the banks' reserves. That, undoubtedly, will ultimately serve to alleviate the Attland economy's extreme demand for gold, help to keep down the interest rates and inflation. More from these sources later.

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