Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Short List of Interesting Things In Konigsborg

Inside the 36 square miles, plus or minus, of Konigsborg, there are these interesting things packed in:

  • The Royal Mint that also mints Attland Government coins and currency
  • The Royal Depository, holding probably the largest hoard of gold and platinum, and probably other precious metals of importance to the country
  • The Koborg Bank Reserves and Depository, probably different from the Royal Depository
  • The Royal Treasury
  • The Koborg College main campus
  • The Koborg's own nuclear power plant
  • Koborg Industries Crystals and Optics Works, processing diamonds, synthesizing diamonds, manufacturing optronic computer microcomponents and fiber optics
  • Koborg Fine Instruments, manufacturing of lenses, gages, watches, sensors, avionics, medical and scientific instrumentation
  • A private spaceport based on a 3 mile heavy-load airstrip and a taxiway that doubles as a reserve runway
  • A facility for aircraft maintenance and avionics repair
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Supreme Court of the Chief Justice
And that is only a partial list.

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