Friday, December 28, 2007

Queen's Gold and Crystal Polymers

The Atlantic Bank reports that the Queen fixed the crown price at $1056.20, up $0.45 from the price the crown sold for the past 2 months. The fact that the price ends with a zero indicates that at the time of the fix the gold demand in the country was going through a transition, or was equal the supply. Price ending with an odd digit signifies an upward trend, and an even digit indicates a downward trend.

The price for a troy ounce, meanwhile, has crept closer to the crown, set at $828.80, while the crown price for the troy ounce is $869.11. Platinum crept up to $1526.00, as traded by the Atlantic Bank.

Yesterday's assassination of Benazir Bhutto added to the sense of the instability in the region, since Pakistan possesses a nuclear weapon.

The Atlantic Bank's Dollar certificates continue to be traded at their high face value, and that remains the only opportunity to profit from the declining dollar.

Kronborg Industries is unfazed by the falling of the dollar, and has announced the release of its new line of monitors and displays. The long awaited Omni-Directional Interactive monitors based on Koborg's crystal-impregnated space-age polymers has been shipped to the major US distributors. The monitors incorporate the classic 3-D Information features, and now offer the layered interactivity.

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