Saturday, December 29, 2007

Secret Russian Facilities, An Eye On Gold

  • Russian Air Force Materials Research Center (ВИАМ) 55°45'50"N 37°40'39"E
  • A Military Transport Park 55°36'51"N 37°27'45"E
  • The SVR Headquarters 55°35'1"N 37°31'2"E
  • A C-300 Missile site E. of Moscow 55°47'47"N 38°21'28"E,
  • next to C-25 55°47'54"N 38°20'58"E
  • High Command College For The Lines of Communications and Engineering Corps (MVKUDIV) Training Center 55°57'57"N 38°23'51"E
  • Makarov Missile Support Center 55°59'43"N 38°20'14"E
  • The 51st Kilometer Testing Grounds 55°58'20"N 38°16'59"E
  • An antenna Farm, officially as a Mayak radio station, 56°3'50"N 37°56'50"E
  • An off-limits part of a reservoir, classified, recent bathing unempeded 56°1'53"N 37°48'0"E
  • An ABM site (Про А-135) a base for relatively new Gazelle and Gorgon missiles 56°10'51"N 37°47'13"E
  • The modified Don 2NP large multifunction phased-array radar at Pushkino 56°10'18"N 37°46'14"E
  • A Military Shooting Range, formerly tank, allegedly sniper, 56°10'40"N 37°11'46"E
  • Early Warning System Command Center near Solnechnogorsk, 56°14'29"N 37°0'49"E
  • The rebuilt Aquarium, the famous GRU headquarters, 55°46'55"N 37°31'24"E
  • The Ministry of Defense Auto Pool 55°46'38"N 37°32'26"E
  • The President's Transportation Support Facility 55°46'3"N 37°31'16"E
  • US Embassy's Summer Cottage 55°47'15"N 37°24'49"E
  • The Military History Archives 55°46'4"N 37°41'7"E
  • The Bauman College, or Moscow State Technical University, for Special Technologies (satellites, missiles, warheads and ammunition) 55°46'11"N 37°41'26"E
  • Federal State Unified Facility "Salyut", a jet engine factory supplying AL-31F powerplants for Su-27

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