Tuesday, February 12, 2008

spy-curious network locations

Here we have written a bot in U6-ICICL to harvest network locations from any search engine queries. (Previously we have revealed command strings in ICICL-AIPL which would find intentionally obscured public information from commodity exchanges)

Just a couple of days ago we have unleashed a bot that gathered officers' names from Russian Security services internal directory. This time the ICICL bot incessantly shuttled back and forth between a search engine server and a source of any query that asked for any of our own preset ,arbitrary espionage-related keyword, "secret report" for example). The results are interesting. Federal security service of Russian federation is understandable, but the Texas State Transportation Department, Gazsvyaz (gas communication?), Calgary Board Of Education?

verizon internet services inc.
road runner holdco llc
earthlink inc
performance systems international inc.
telstra internet
comcast cable communications inc.
cox communications
federal security service of russian federation
gesti n de direccionamiento uninet
volia subnet
adsl pool - bras7 lsanca.1158477
allstream corp. corporation allstream
atx telecommunications services
bezeq international-ltd
bison building materials
bluewin is an internet service provider in ch.
buyers united inc. - ucn
cable & wireless telecommunication services gmbh
cable and wireless jamaica
calgary board of education
charlotte bus & rv inc
command data inc.
data link impex
denton wilde sapte
east midlands regional broadband consortium
ezula inc-041105174302
france telecom
gazsvyaz ltd
harris county central technology center
hk cable tv ltd
iinet limited
imported inetnum object for monash
insight communications company l.p.
microsoft corp
netcologne gmbh
paetec communications inc.
pioneer online pvt. ltd.
poyner & spruill
pppox pool - bras15.lsan03-1179372062
pppox pool - bras15.lsan03-1189477562
pppox pool - bras21.rcsntx 011606 0935
pppox pool - mrdnct rback7
pppox pool - rback2.chic01
pppox pool - rback6.ipltin
private customer - sbc internet services
provincia di milano public subnet
proxad / free sas
qwest communications corporation
racetrac petroleum
range2 mansfield /18
rogers cable communications inc.
severen telecom
sevsky network in yalta and chernomorsk
sify limited
smart broadband incorporated
speakeasy network dsl
star broadband services(i) pvt. ltd
suddenlink communications
sympatico hse
telefonica de espana
telenet broadband cable operator network
telenet n.v. residentials
telenet operaties n.v.
telus communications inc.
texas state department of highways and
public transportation

tiscali italia spa
tpg internet pty ltd.
tstt isp
tt adsl-meteksan ttnet dynamic_aci

strange things are floating around on the net


A said...

this is really interesting, though too esoteric for me to understand. you're using an AI programming language? if you have a chance to write a layman's explanation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Zwölf said...

ICICL-written bot contains commands that allow it to tunnel (write itself as a packet wrapped into a packet in a different network protocol) through www hubs and servers, test for presence of Cyrillic, SQL- and other database type datafields, check for the presence of the FSB-specific acronyms and internal lingo. That's the gist of it.