Monday, March 31, 2008

Che's hands still at work

We all know that Che is dead. It seems, however, that his persona is not quite ready to leave this wolrd, and I don't mean what is already found in the laudatory passages in Cuban text books and party banners. As far as we have known, Felix Rodriquez had tracked down and had Che killed in Bolivian jungle. We also know that soon thereafter he cut off Che's hands for positive identification. The hands might have been returned to Cuba and worshiped together with the rest of his body.

What I have been told by my source in Moscow (not from among the ones that provided me with great photo recce of interesting places like the KGB in Minsk , the French Embassy, a radar, and a radio surveillance center) is that they (the Ministry of Internal Affairs) have also
pilfered a supposedly US Federal document (assuming it to be FBI or CIA) claiming that various white collar crimes committed across the USA wherein the fingerprints wherever lifted were identical to Che's.

The source asked me in an e-mail (using a disposable e-mail service) how could that be.

I say it is very simple, knowing the crowd associated with Hutch and Felix Rodriquez. Hutch is notorious for having used the hands he cut off unidentified dead vagrants for high-profile break-ins, the ones that have never become Watergate Scandals.

Has anyone been able to figure out Putin's garbled letter? Since I moderate posting here, I will not publish your messages containing unsanitized information.

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