Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Che+Vodka=Le Carre

I never thought that the Che post struck a chord in many readers' sensibilities. I am glad I was rather neutral, though I by no means a fan of the commie terrorist.

One of my online acquantainces that has read this blog from afar (Poland, that is) turns out to be a character that stepped out from a Le Carre's Carla, or Karla novel. He has pointed me to a JPG of a morning-after following an all-night Zubrovka (or Żubrówka) drinking binge.

The interesting part of the image is not easily discernible, our ex-Agencja Wywiadu/KGB associate writes. It is not the coincidental poster of Che. It is a page from a one-time pad carelessly stuck onto one of shelves. The man who stored it not shpown in the picture, but he was a graduate student at a the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of Warsaw U. (hence the cartographic art supplies conveniently disguising fieldcraft activities) who decidedly failed his beiong groomed into a cushy position at Polish Secret Service.

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