Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Russian stealth FFG and other Naval deals

The Russians' cheap , but hardly a stealth knock-off stolen from US designs and Jane's pictures, Astrakhan has been sighted cavorting in the Azov sea.

Details of Russian military export deals are becoming ever more interesting.

For example, according to Hutch's sources, Indian Navy was so dissatisfied with the bargain-basement sale quality of Russia's Gorshkov, that the e-mail was written to that effect to a Ministry in New Delhi in English, not in a usual Indic. Russian' being their usual persnickety spooks, invested thousands of man-hours into their diplomatic attache intelligence work, to scoop up the e-mail. The e-mail, however, was subtly forwarded to Hutch's friends, who have also revealed that the Indians were markedly dissatisfied with the Kilo class SSK purchased from Russia for petrorubles from Mr. Petroruble himself, Czar Putin.

High profile names that caused Hutch to salivate was Alexey Duchovich, and Koshelev, their officer ranks unknown.

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