Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Video identifies GRU generals

After a month long hiatus, I am back, posting, in the middle of a long and tedious project. What prompted me to post is an email from a distant acquaintance pointing out that several names on the list of GRU brass has appeared on this video.

See Ivanov describing what he believes is an ingenious security feature that refuses to let out a pass card that failed to lock an interior door, at 4:24 in the video.

My acquaintance says that these generals are identifiable in the video (some patronymics are not available or in question, as marked):

Васильков, Алексей Ф(?) -Vasilkov, Alexey F(?), visible at locations 3:19, 4:06,

Романенко, Леонид -Romanenko, Leonid, at 3:19, 4:06,

Гурьянов, Александр - Guryanov, Alexandr, at 5:13, 5:18, 6:14

Венгереш, Виталий С(?)- Vengeresh, Vitaly S(?), at 5:18, 6:14, 6:19,

Лыков, Роман - Lykov, Roman, at 6:14, 6:19

Гуща, Юрий Андреевич Gushcha, Yury Andreevich, at 6:14, 6:19

Головастик, Виктор Денисович - Golovastik, Victor Denisovich, at 6:14, 6:19

Долгих, А. П.(?) - Dolgikh, A. P.(?) location 6:54 in video (the lone general snacking in the background while Putin and Ivanov are picking out a cake)

Of course, your input is welcome - you can always leave comment as an anonymous.

compare with the list of FSB A-K, K-Z

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