Friday, July 25, 2008

Secret status report

I have been really busy, more than I thought I'd be considering the summertime and the approaching vacation season. I have a lot of content for upcoming posts, the content itself not quite ready for the prime time, since it needs to be sanitized and the names of the innocent to be protected. You just never know where Putin's plutonium men will pop up next.

The visitor map is rather simple. More than have the visitors came from the US, and the rest from Russia and UK. Less than 15 percent remaining are random, or not so random hits from Germany and other European countries.

I know for sure not to post network host names that visited this blog, since it has caused some consternation that was beyond my expectations or aspirations for this blog.

Up ahead - more stuff on the BAE espionage affair, some more of Putin's personal, politically relevant correspondence, and other products of Russia's pathological megalomania.

Any requests?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BAE secret document

I am still working on formatting and cleaning up the Gazprom employee list. While I am at it, the famed BAE secret information that has been pilfered out of the Basildon plant has is being circulated in Russia, and I have been sent a teaser sample of the info:

The signature is unmistakable.

I am not interested in divulging British secrets. The point of the post is to shed light on the extent, the depth and ease of GRU and FSB penetration into Western defense establishment.