Thursday, August 14, 2008

How you can never bank goodwill with bears

There is a lot of things abuzz both sides of the ditch. I don't mean the latest warmongering by Russia, or Georgia. There are reports that Selma on the Baltic is really abuzz for the forth day straight, because it is a military district and a base for naval operations. Russians afraid to leave their back door open?

Russian AGIs (SVVs) sailed westwards, as if the Britain's one-funny-cruiser navy could attack her. Or Swedish closed-cycle subs would launch heretofore unknown Swedish cruise missiles (probably and suitable named Thorstann, or Thorshammer),

My friends behind the bear's curtain assert that this no cover-your-back state of readiness. Really. the clsoest US aircraft carrier is busy dodging Iranian model paper-and-glue airplanes.

Russians, namely Putin, are exploiting hte opportunity in this turmoil, as most intelligence agencies THINK they are using their HUMINT, SIGINT and ELINT on catching whatever breadcrumbs that are falling off the bear's feeding trough. Russians are achieving their goals in Georgia, but northwards, in the Baltic, and in the Red Banner Northern Fleet's own swimming pool they are busy investing in their reaffirming their exclusive access rightn to the Arctic.

Don't forget Sweden's refusal to allow routing of the Northern Stream (Russia's northern pipeline) to feed the Europe.Besides the tit-for-tat diplo-military posturing (also keep in mind that Russia, as USSR and Czar's Empire has NEVER banked goodwill). Swedes were smart, calling Russians' intention to use the pipeline as a excuse to place SOSUS-like high-tech sensors close to Skaane shores. Russian AGIs, oceanographic ships (the academics) and, actually, the cable ships themselves have been spotted waltzing up and down the Bornholm corridor.

While Medved Prived is moving tin soldiers across the cardboard, the electromagnetic spectrum over the Karelia and the Eystrasalt (the Baltic Sea to the Scandinavians, or Vikings) is full of inteersting digital activity. I need to brush up on my FSKs and screenshot application, I means Fireshot, a great Firefox add-on. Thanks for the heads up through the post.

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