Wednesday, November 19, 2008

USSR's ghost units alive and well in cyberspace

The Database's bot has found data that can be formatted into this report.
The following military units have used their Sun or Linux machines to attempt and establish unauthorized access to US DOD, Defense contractor, and NATO servers:

40236 Leninsk, Baykonur, (Кзыл-Ординская обл. г.Ленинск, Байконур)
96742 Chita (Чита)

Rostov-on-Don Defense Institute of the Missile Forces (Ростовский Военный институт Ракетных войск / Ростов-на-Дону)

Ghost units still fiuntioning in cyberspace? Excellent deception, diversion, and maskirovka tactic.
two units: в/ч пп 36546 ОБС, and 15332 formerly located in Poland at Borne-Sulinovo (incredible: "Bourne"identity?) Борне-Сулиново

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