Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why nobody has poked around Leningrad looking for osnaz's elephant cages?

Somebody wrote to me and tangentially made a sweeping generalization that Leningrad has no Krug installations, since it is on the periphery of what the Russians regard as the interesting part of radio communications of interest.

Here is the Шипун-210 Shipun Center (The Hisser). It still has the address of Military Detachment (в/ч) 41480, , Town of Gatchina, 188350

Here is a special Krug cage, with the outer antennas for low frequency work, and the inner ShP (ШП) antennas for the frequencies above 15 Mhz.

An astute observer has spotted up to a dozen military personnel arriving at the facility each morning. Every 2-3 days a military vehicle brings women in military dress uniforms arriving at the center.
It makes sense. A friend has connected the dots, and pointed out that the gaining command for the facility is none other than the famous Training Center of the Military Detachment (в/ч) 44085, 59°36'35"N 30°8'3"E This is the 193rd Engineering and Technical center of the Defense Maintenance and Repair Department of the Federal Special Construction Agency (!!!).
Check out these exotic sets of antennas and Russian antenna porn.


Anonymous said...

Exactly where is this KRUG located in the Leningrad area?? Gatchina??

Kelly W. said...

Military Detachment (в/ч) 41480, Town of Gatchina, 188350, near St. Petersburg, a.k.a. Leningrad

Anonymous said...

Can you be more specific????

Whenever you use the town name Gatchina, and the military designator, Google Earth takes you to an area west of Gatchina.

Unfortunately, terrametrics provided the satellite footage, and it's terrible, if this is the location of the KRUG.

Is the photograph of recent origin??

I've been working to compile a list of KRUG's (abandoned and active), and some possible FIX24 (downsized KRUG's) sites.

I've found one possible site (abandoned) Near Pulkovo Airport, that may have been a former KRUG site.

The initial list of KRUG's, I got from Bill Robinson, and I've added quite a few to his list. This would be a new listing, if it is indeed in the Gatchina area.

Kelly W. said...

Sorry for omitting its (59°33'55"N 29°51'12"E) map shot - the quickest I could get my hands on is here
more precisely it is near the village of Taivorovo
see its entry as the comm post No. 210, Shipun, in this post

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the additional info. I found the village of Tayvorovo on Google Maps, which is south of the original placemark for the unit.

Unfortunately, the satellite view is still provided by terrametrics, and terrible. 5 more KM to the east, or 10KM to the north, and there would have been some decent satellite images.. Maybe Google will update in the near future.

Just south of the village placemark, and south of A120, there is a site that might be the area where the KRUG is located, but I'll continue to look around that area for something more positive.

Next time you run a scan, and come up with the location of more 'comm units' or 'comm posts': please post them on your blog. Thanks.

Kelly W. said...

I have access to an old Soviet military topo map of the whole area. The problem is in the huge size of the map,it is nearly impossible to fit onto a scanner. Its owner does not want it folded to fit the scanner, either. I am waiting for more opportune moments and glimpses of good stuff. Thanks for the "looking" input!

Kelly W. said...

there was a malfunction in Blogger posting, causing a pileup of comments among which this post (by the Anonymous from above) was lost, but whose text I duly recovered:

FYI-Bill Robinson used another satellite image to locate the Gatchina KRUG. It is approximately 2.54KM NW of the unit placemark (Google Earth), and 3.38KM NW of the village of Tayvorovo placemark (Google Earth).

If you enable the roads feature on Google Earth, and follow route A-120 west (actually slight NW), you will find a smaller unmarked road approximately 3.3KM from the village of Tayvorovo. If you turn north (and slightly east) on this road for .96KM, you can see a circle on the right side of the road that appears to be the KRUG.

Thanks for posting the original info and picture of the KRUG.

Alex said...

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the rf spectrum, your revealing information is inspiring. Please keep
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Alex Topeki
Anchorage, Alaska

Vicky said...

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