Monday, May 13, 2013

Area 51 on Wikimapia, A Test For Conspiracy Theories

By the way, I have stopped using my famous bots to fetch Russian intranet info. I have grown fonder of the country. I have called it as the Queen Elizabeth's imagined the Russians to be, the baptized bears, but since those times they have had Peter the Great, Tchaikovsky, and the space program. They are sssssmart and they like France! I admit, I like Putin and his sense of humor, re. beer drinking, Germany going from nuclear to burning wood, and the joke about the American surrendering to the KGB.

I wanted to check the proportion if not the number of gullible people on Wikimapia who look at the Area 51. So I signed in as a Guest and marked up two areas inside the Area 51, one that looked like a parking lot a Kukla Pen, and a hangar next to a dining area as the Moscow River project site.

Soon it got what it deserved. A Russian self-styled conspiracy expert (username FIJN) has compiled his opinions on my nebulous sites into his web project. I see from the latest visits that his comment was deleted.

I have dropped in on the Wikimapia view several times for the past 5 years, as can be seen from the comment window, and responded to the deleted comments (as Randy, Amalfic and others), some of which got deleted as well. So I decided to document my commenting, by grabbing a screen shot:

Of course the further explanation of KUKLA PEN as a CIA codename is also hogwash, but that was in response to several Russian comments indicating that the infinite subterfuge of the evil USA is capable of anything, and the world is going to witness quite a surprise of something military happening (think Matthias Rust) downtown Moscow.

These sites that were total spur of the moment decision to test the lunacy and the internet as a whole, garnered a plentiful harvest of search results which point to various opinions and sensationalism as well as conspiracy theories cooked with the most insane powers of deduction - just a sample:

Moscow River Project site - Wikimapia › World › USA › Nevada › Indian Springs‎

Revisiting Area 51 — Google Sightseeing‎
May 24, 2010 – Kukla Pen building Moscow River building. Thanks to all of the many GSS readers who suggested visiting Area 51 again! For more information ...

Pen Kukla - WikiWorldBook‎
Rivisitando l'Area 51. Di questo gruppo di strutture si dice che ospiti qualcosa di nomeKukla Pen project e in questi palazzi c'รจ il progetto Moscow River.