Sunday, March 16, 2014

State of the Gold Prices and World Affairs

Just scouring the web for the opinions of everyday people. On, these gems are found in ( comments:

February 28, 2012...FASCINATING @ 10:34 am

I can't imagine paying $5.00 even in debauched dollars – $0.15 in pre Nix currency. Right now $4.00 per Gal it makes sense for me to consider to get on my bike and pedal 20 blocks to my Chevy Volt parked by the charging station. Situation being – Ossified (possibly conflicted) Con Edison Management dragging its feet in installing charging stations on residential streets. Ain't that cooked yet. Remember 16 Kw battery is 40 miles of fun or work or Etc. Then you run the gas engine just for nostalgia.

March 27, 2012...FASCINATING @ 8:26 pm

I Think Debauched Dollars are one part of the blind men's description of the gas prices Elephant.
Another are Planet Saudi Arabia is BSing about its pumping proves. And G. Sucks an Morgan Sucks are colluding (or at least enabling) Russians ( The oil is their major reason for growth) and Oil Companies (Half of British Retirees depend on BP's payouts) to ride World's growing dependency on what is a finite resource. Go electric. There definitely are no wires between Middle East and US. The utilities are regulated and electricity is definitely not a finite resource.

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