Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Siteseeing of Russian Secrets

  • A well-defined, staggered pattern ABM site housing Gazelle missiles, 55°34'39"N 37°46'15"E
  • Federal State Unified Facility, officially an establishment similar to U. S. General Services Administration, comprising of a concrete plant, miscellaneous warehouses and numerous sheds - except it is under the FSB command, 55°33'55"N 37°45'24"E
  • GRU's OSNAZ (ЦРПУ) unit 309 is based at the Military Detachment 34608 here 55°22'8"N 37°28'45"E
  • Recently declassified village of Berezki, containing a secret communication facility that has since passed on to Rostelecom for an unspecified use, 55°14'53"N 37°31'10"E
  • summer cottages for KGB's 15 & 16 Departments, 55°15'1"N 37°25'22"E
  • GRU and SVR summer cottages, 55°14'50"N 37°24'45"E
  • A seemingly abandoned site known only as "UTK" that is reported to be an engineering reconnaissance training center, and guarded by armed roaming patrols, 55°11'27"N 37°39'17"E
  • Rostelecom satellite communications support facility, with huge, dome-enclosed satellite dishes 55°45'31"N 38°39'34"E
  • Former ammunition depot, the traces of which is visible in the tell-tale pattern, the rectangular off-limits perimeter now serving as a training center for armored corps 55°56'37"N 38°28'47"E
  • Military Base, a Military Detachment, detachment number undisclosed 55°48'36"N 37°55'31"E
  • FSB Training Center and Military Detachment No. 2056, also home to the Border Guard training center; an off-limits, well-guarded Microbiology Research Facility is located less than 1 km NE of the military base, at 54°58'23"N 37°13'25"E
  • Headquarters and Operations Center for the important Early Missile Detection (Warning) Strategic System, including a Don or Dunay phased array, at Kurilovo, 55°4'1"N 37°2'45"E
  • Military Detachment No. 64035, (Long Distance Communication Unit), together with the General Staff Communication Center, all inside the formerly classified city of Chekhov-3, 55°8'50"N 37°16'50"E
  • Declassified town of Zarya, 55°45'31"N 38°4'56"E, associated with the Strategic Air Defense Headquarters 4.5 km WNW at 55°46'37"N 38°1'15"E
  • One of the first and few baseball diamonds in Russia, at 55°47'45"N 38°1'2"E, which unwittingly served as a recce scale reference for metrics on the nearby Severniy-2 (55°47'47"N 38°1'26"E) classified town converted into summer cottages for the Defense Ministry's flag officers, and for the Strategic Air Defense Headquarters, see above, one of the terminal stations of the Moscow's secret subway.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Secret Russian Facilities, An Eye On Gold

  • Russian Air Force Materials Research Center (ВИАМ) 55°45'50"N 37°40'39"E
  • A Military Transport Park 55°36'51"N 37°27'45"E
  • The SVR Headquarters 55°35'1"N 37°31'2"E
  • A C-300 Missile site E. of Moscow 55°47'47"N 38°21'28"E,
  • next to C-25 55°47'54"N 38°20'58"E
  • High Command College For The Lines of Communications and Engineering Corps (MVKUDIV) Training Center 55°57'57"N 38°23'51"E
  • Makarov Missile Support Center 55°59'43"N 38°20'14"E
  • The 51st Kilometer Testing Grounds 55°58'20"N 38°16'59"E
  • An antenna Farm, officially as a Mayak radio station, 56°3'50"N 37°56'50"E
  • An off-limits part of a reservoir, classified, recent bathing unempeded 56°1'53"N 37°48'0"E
  • An ABM site (Про А-135) a base for relatively new Gazelle and Gorgon missiles 56°10'51"N 37°47'13"E
  • The modified Don 2NP large multifunction phased-array radar at Pushkino 56°10'18"N 37°46'14"E
  • A Military Shooting Range, formerly tank, allegedly sniper, 56°10'40"N 37°11'46"E
  • Early Warning System Command Center near Solnechnogorsk, 56°14'29"N 37°0'49"E
  • The rebuilt Aquarium, the famous GRU headquarters, 55°46'55"N 37°31'24"E
  • The Ministry of Defense Auto Pool 55°46'38"N 37°32'26"E
  • The President's Transportation Support Facility 55°46'3"N 37°31'16"E
  • US Embassy's Summer Cottage 55°47'15"N 37°24'49"E
  • The Military History Archives 55°46'4"N 37°41'7"E
  • The Bauman College, or Moscow State Technical University, for Special Technologies (satellites, missiles, warheads and ammunition) 55°46'11"N 37°41'26"E
  • Federal State Unified Facility "Salyut", a jet engine factory supplying AL-31F powerplants for Su-27

Friday, December 28, 2007

Queen's Gold and Crystal Polymers

The Atlantic Bank reports that the Queen fixed the crown price at $1056.20, up $0.45 from the price the crown sold for the past 2 months. The fact that the price ends with a zero indicates that at the time of the fix the gold demand in the country was going through a transition, or was equal the supply. Price ending with an odd digit signifies an upward trend, and an even digit indicates a downward trend.

The price for a troy ounce, meanwhile, has crept closer to the crown, set at $828.80, while the crown price for the troy ounce is $869.11. Platinum crept up to $1526.00, as traded by the Atlantic Bank.

Yesterday's assassination of Benazir Bhutto added to the sense of the instability in the region, since Pakistan possesses a nuclear weapon.

The Atlantic Bank's Dollar certificates continue to be traded at their high face value, and that remains the only opportunity to profit from the declining dollar.

Kronborg Industries is unfazed by the falling of the dollar, and has announced the release of its new line of monitors and displays. The long awaited Omni-Directional Interactive monitors based on Koborg's crystal-impregnated space-age polymers has been shipped to the major US distributors. The monitors incorporate the classic 3-D Information features, and now offer the layered interactivity.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cialis and the Real Chamber of Secrets

Cialis and the Real Chamber of Secrets:
Another Gripping Espionage Thriller Starring Harry Palms

I was on set performing take 37 of a crucial stunt on my latest picture, which of course, involved me being naked along with several refugees from the Cirque du Soleil boot camp and our frequent co-star Roxy in a Little Bo Peep costume.

Naturally, the movie was a historical feature.

My name is Palms, Harry Palms - porn star by day, top secret agent by night. And I got to tell you, if it weren't for Cialis online prescriptions, I'd hear "Cut!" even when the cameras weren't rolling.

That was the day one of our couriers rushed up and said, "This is it! We're getting the big one, Harry."

"I thought I had the big one," I growled.

He shook his head, and then I knew what he meant. Our next case was to uncover the ultimate intelligence secret. Years ago, Sigmund Freud - who was working for our side - had blown his cover to ask the question: "What do women want?"

Even asking it was dangerous. The enemy tortured the poor guy to death with nipple clamps. Freud had tried to defend himself with one of our top secret gadgets, but he forgot that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I went to headquarters to be briefed by our man in charge, the Big O.

"Nice briefs," I said.

"Well, for crying out loud, Harry, we know you're good, but you can't keep walking around without pants on!" he complained. "Now listen, you'll definitely need Cialis on this, so I hope you've had the chance to order your online prescriptions. Because our research team has made a breakthrough."

I whistled, impressed. For years, they'd been trying to crack the problem: What do women want? They were able to determine some clues as to what ugly chicks want, but no one was terribly interested in the answer. And no one ever heard again from our special team assigned to find out what lesbians want. Poor bastards were apparently mesmerized in the observation room, fogging up the glass with heavy breathing and refusing all food and drink.

"We've learned that the enemy's new top sexual athlete, Kama Sutra, holds the secret to what women want," said O. "But the information is so secret, she's hiding in a fortress in a hidden delta of India.

"I have to be honest, Harry, this is a suicide mission. You know how Cialis works, but even if you get to Kama Sutra, she'll exhaust you with multiple positions, contortionist variations that will wear down even the advantage of Cialis! The last time anyone saw gymnastics like this, Barbie did Ken in Dallas."

"I think I can romance a babe like that to give up her secret," I boasted. "A little drink, a little dancing."

The Big O was doubtful. "Yes, I'm sure you'll be swaying, Palms. But in case you need the extra help, go see our team leader in Gadgets Division."

So I went down to Gadgets and cheerfully greeted its manager. "Stew!" I called out. Unfortunately, my hand came to rest on a set of chattering joke teeth that the tech boys had adapted for cunnilingus - a truly effective interrogation technique. The teeth clicked along and slobbered over five lab coats before somebody switched it off.

"Oh, grow up, K-Y," said Stew. Such a curmudgeon - he always referred to me by my alphabetic code name. I thought if anyone could use Cialis online prescriptions to get a brighter outlook on things, it was Stew.

"Now pay attention, K-Y," he snapped. "We're on the rubbing edge of sexual technology down here, and we've come up with some truly ingenious devices to help you on this mission. See these?" He dropped into my hand two tiny contact lenses.

"In case you start to feel a lack of enthusiasm, these lenses allow you to see and hear any celebrity fantasy girl you prefer. We have the Jessica Alba lenses, the Halle Berry lenses - we tried a pair of Pamela Anderson lenses, but the audio babbled on and on about how fur was murder, and our agents got drowsy."

"I don't need these!" I sneered. "The advantage of Cialis is it gives you longer-lasting, firmer erections. And the side effects of Cialis are mild compared to staring at Jessica Alba and wondering why she did Good Luck, Chuck."

Stew rolled his eyes. "At the very least, you'll need to take our new jet-propelled car to breach Kama Sutra's fortress. Because of its unique ability to break the sound barrier, we call this model the Dong."

I furrowed my brow as I checked out the long tube-like machine with its bulbous head at the front and its slim lines. "You sure that's the only reason you called it that?"

"Can't think of another," shrugged Stew. "Now we have a more compact model, the Stubby Dong, in various colors, and our Long Dong in Silver."

"I see," I said, nodding.

"Your car has certain gadget features, including cruise control with optional love seat in the back, plus we've designed a special spraying oil slick that shoots out a coat of lubrication. It'll help the Dong penetrate the fibrous plastic membrane barrier of Kama Sutra's fortress. There are various eunuch guards they call the High Men, and this sticky lubricant we call Jelly will take care of them fast."

"Jelly?" I laughed. "You must be joking."

"K-Y, Jelly can be a life-saving lubricant!" Stew insisted, getting cross. "And I never joke about my work, Palms."

"We'll see," I told him, patting his shoulder as I turned to go. "I put my faith in Cialis online prescriptions."

I caught my flight to Mumbai that evening. As I left the airport, our top female operative, Sima, called out to me from a taxi.

"Welcome to India, Mr. Palms!" she laughed. Then she introduced me to her new husband, Krishna.

"Harry - Krishna. Krishna? Harry." We shook hands.

Since Sima was always an open-minded gal, we all went back to my hotel for a threesome. Krishna was fascinated by how Cialis works, and I didn't mind explaining with a few demonstrations on Sima.

Later, our special crate with the Dong arrived, and as I drove it out of Mumbai, I put on the thrusters to reach the hidden delta, which seemed to lie below a great line of bush. Just as Stew promised, the fortress had guards - the simpering eunuchs - but I used the Jelly to break through the High Men, and then I was inside.

"You're Kama Sutra?" I said in shock when I found her.

She was a gorgeous tall blonde with blue eyes and legs I really wanted to introduce to my shoulders.

"I was expecting..."

"Yeah, I get that a lot," she chirped, and she popped a cherry into her mouth. I watched her tongue play around with the stem in her cheeks, and when she pulled out it out, it spelled out her name. "I suppose you think your seductive ways can break me."

"How about a lot of useless bending and perspiring?" I suggested. I popped my Cialis pill in my mouth and got ready for action. Thank God for quick-release suspenders.

Kama Sutra ripped off her clothes and then showed me the joy of double-jointedness. But once again, the powerful advantage of Cialis outlasted every creative position she could think of, even the really tricky one that involved a big toe massage. (Don't ask).

"All right," she screamed in ecstasy, "you've figured out part of what women want! I'll tell you the rest, but you must promise to do it, no matter how excruciating it gets!"

I knew what I was getting into. It would be the challenge of my career.

When I got back to headquarters, O was pleased that online Cialis prescriptions had worked again, and then he asked, "So what do women want, Harry? And what did you have to do to find out?"

"The women... They want... they want..." Traumatized, I could barely get it out. "They want us to listen to them," I choked.

"Good lord, no!"

But the most powerful gadget Stew had given me in my arsenal had worked - a set of earplugs. Harry Palms would, indeed, ride again.

Thanks to Online Drugstore

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Euro-Dollar Pair To Dive

Written by Jamie Saettele, Currency Analyst: It is still possible that the EURUSD challenges congestion near 1.4452 before the pair reverses and drops to a new low (below 1.4330).  However, the EURUSD may drop below 1.4330 without first challenging 1.4452 and complete wave C (and larger wave 4) of the A-B-C decline from 1.4967.  A potential terminus for the decline is where wave C = wave A at 1.4309.  The next 5 to 6 weeks should see larger wave 5 exceed 1.5000.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Higher gold prices need of the hour to boost recycling in the Middle East

12/16/2007 07:32 PM | By Naushad K. Cherrayil

Dubai: Gold prices will need to return to levels close to $850 to encourage a further surge in gold recycling in the Middle East, GFMS's latest report said.

"With gold pushing through $800 in early November, this sharp rise was expected to have provided the impetus for a hood of recycled gold from Saudi Arabia, the world's largest supplier of scrap last year.

"However, this has not been the case, with scrap fows from the Kingdom surprisingly weak in the second half of this year," said Cameron Alexander, an analyst at GFMS.

Year ahead

Looking ahead to the next year, he said it is unlikely that Saudi scrap gold volumes will return to 2006 levels unless a higher gold price is achieved.

The resultant slump in jewellery consumption would likely encourage a portion of retailers to take advantage of record prices and liquidate their holdings.

"Consider that average scrap volumes were over 30 tones per quarter in 2003 globally but, so far this year they have fallen to under 20 tones on average," Alexander said.

Similarly in the Middle East, the reaction to the rise in the metal prices has been controlled, with scrap supply supported by the distribution chain unloading slow moving inventory rather than individuals of loading gold assets, as was the case for much of 2006.

"Several dealers in Saudi Arabia involved in the scrap market said they were perplexed at the lower volumes of scrap currently being returned to local gold souks in spite of a 27-year high for the gold price," he said.

Trend: Dubai scenario

Demand for jewellery in Dubai has been modest with consumers buying solidly on dips in prices. But right now they do not appear selling, or exchanging jewellery, with the expectation of higher prices on the horizon, GFMS's report said.

The most simple explanation of this appears to be that, as expectations of higher (and ever higher) prices have taken hold, consumers have reduced the amount of old jewellery they are willing to sell back.

Report says the rise in the gold price, even in euro terms, obviously features but its direct importance should not be overstated.