Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bot harvests FSB secrets

Soon after the previous post we have unleashed a bot using intriguing keywords that are usually associated with the cloak-and-dagger domains

("recce, FSB, проксимити-пропуск, секретныe сведения," etc.)

hereunder are the results:

Алексей Кондауров, Генерал ФСБ в запасе
[Alexey Kondaurov, (ret.) FSB General]

Александр Купряжкин, генерал-лейтенант ФСБ начальник Управления собственной безопасности (УСБ)
[Alexander Kupryazhkin, leut.general FSB, director of the USB]

Александр Бортников, главa экономического департамента ФСБ
Alexander Bortnikov, the Chief of the FSB Economics Department

Отметка органов ФСБ России о проведении проверочных мероприятий для оформления допуска по третьей форме
[FSB authorities grading ("white paper", grade"?), of vetting procedures for filing clearance applications]

Журнал учета выдачи справок о допуске
[Log of clearance inquiries]

Номенклатура должностей работников,подлежащих оформлению на допуск к особой важности, совершенно секретным и секретным сведениям
[List of positions that must apply for a Special Importance, Top Secret and Secret clearances]

It is impressive to realize first hand the power of artificial intelligence.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bot Writing

Previously we have revealed command strings in ICICL-AIPL which would find intentionally obscured public information from commodity exchanges. What if we have a fire-and-forget script, as they say in C+++ and other worlds, a bot of sorts, that would find a precious information and deliver it for us on a silver plate, in other words, in an easy-to-read, formatted file.

Let's use U6's LUICS again. Let's start with the ICICL and AIPL prompts (can we keep it to one, albeit long line, vs. a kilobyte-heavy Microsoft script?):

!@net exit net:pack(open any;tcp/ip:tunnel:any<:any>) look(www:"*.*.*":"*.blog*.com") script(>1:gen(pack:cell:block) get check("*text":"gold,commodity, dollar, bank, central, bubble, crisis, flight, US, China, oil") then get( "noun other(check) use(dictionary synonym simple)[any local] text("?find.rtf") return any time chrono show(("bug name"(Gold Bug)))

The above command contains an ICICL net:pack code which lets it loose, and in the eventuality of unknown network environment, server obstacles, or content hosted by a third party, will let the bot literally turn to a closest U6 hub and fetch an additional AIPL code to read what seems to be an incomprehensible content.

By specifying the "www" we would narrow down the search to the www domains only, eliminating the need to pore through every FTP and other environments.

Since every lemming out there naively went and bought Mac-Linux-Windows server, there is virtually no machine that can recognize U6-specific commands, and, at worst, would discard it through an equally naive, dumb-machine decision of a checksum rejection.

Look at the Gold Bug command again. Short, sweet, intuitive, even to a pierced, pot-soaked wigger youth smart enough to get an A at his liberal-curriculum worship club he calls his high school.

Sorry for the poetic digression. Barring any server patches or exotic things like JAVA BOSSPlus and CGI Gateless, for which the Gold Bug turns to a nearby support machine, the bug is to  look for any content having the check keywords, then  grab the content, and format it, for demonstration purposes  here substituting  non-keyword nouns with simple synonyms from a dictionary found at any workstation of the host, or any nearby U6 machine.

Nice, ain't it? What do we do next?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

AI Language Finds Gold Reports

The  is an electronic trading system that replaces the open pit trading system after 2:00 pm each business day, and continues until 8:00 am the following day. Trading stops for the weekend at 4:30pm Friday and resumes at 7:00pm Sunday, NY time.
Trading volumes are much lighter in the Access Market. Glitches in the system have created unusual spikes in the gold ticker in the past that have nothing to do with actual price movements. Always check anomalous dips or spikes with another reputable pos source. The wealth of real-time information, on Sunday, is literally worth gold, pun intended.

The NYAM by its nature is an open, public POS, but it does not have an online public access. How do you find it? One method is to spend countless hours on Google, and maybe you can glimpse a possible URL in discussion groups.
If you know how to get onto a U6 hub (some of them are here) while knowing the ICICLE and AIPL commands, or, better yet, you have a Photonic, and not an IBM PC/Windows machine that can find it in a jiffy, then you are about a minute or two away from the totally legit insider info.  Do this - type in the command window:

!@find net www/any search string directory[NY Access Market] check(script,object,any/any) pack(open;999::tcp/ip) show chars@!

See for yourself the unsurpassed cleverness of the AI engine supporting this command, by getting a continuous reports on gold prices from the real players in the trade - London, Sydney, Hong Kong, by inserting the floor name in the square brackets:

[Sydney:gold trade:]

and you are in the know. You might need it - the gold is heading for the psychological threshold of $1000 an ounce.

 If you happen to be a trader in pork bellies, or palladium, or depleted uranium, then the AI system shall surely find for you at least the login window of the exchange you are looking for. Just try the above command, and instead of gold trade write in depleted uranium.