Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here's the list of secret Soviet (or contemporary Russian) supply dumps in United States

Drawn out from alcoholic ex-soviet diplomats, overheard by expert friends in St. Petersburg,(Russia), and one reserve U. S. Air Force officer in St. Petersburg, FL, or gathered by sources and methods that nobody in his right mind would reveal:

Upper Marlboro, MD: somewhere on Brown Station Rd, between John Rogers and Marlborough pike - Andrews AFB is only 5 miles away - unknown contents

Mitchellville, MD, between Enterprise Golf Course and I-50 - unspecified "emergency supplies," 7 miles from Washington, DC and Andrews AFB

Busch Gardens Europe, Williamsburg, VA - unspecified dead drop near "a hot dog concession stand"

Fort Marcy Park, Rivercrest, MD - coincidentally, the site of Vince Foster's suicide - unknown communication equipment, street-bought handguns.

Corner of Seabreeze and Surf Avenue, Brighton Beach, NYC - "emergency supplies"

Between Nixon Court, Shore Parkway and Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NYC, - unspecified "tactical" supplies

more to follow!

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