Monday, February 16, 2009

These top Russian Comsecgru brass use openly their email boxes

my bot reports that Widnows XP Porofessional computers licensed to Russian Federation opneed critical US documents dirextly from the email boxes ( i.e. mail.xxxxx.zz) of these top directors of the facility:

ALFEROV, Alexander Pavlovich (Алферов Александр Павлович)
KISELEV, Boris Valentinovich (Киселев Борис Валентинович)
PYARIN, Victor Anatolevich (Пярин Виктор Анатольевич)
MITROFANOV, Sergey Vasilevich (Митрофанов Сергей Васильевич)

the computers are assigned or located at the FAPSI commnads:
В/ч 2580
В/ч 16660 one of the commands at the Russia's equivalent of US NSA - FAPSI, ФАПСИ, formerly ЦОПУПС, TsOPUPS, Central Separate Field Center for Government Communications (Центральный Отдельный Полевой Узел Правительственной Связи)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aircraft sends interesting number message

ACARS is Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. The originating aircraft, registration number VP-BWA is an Airbus 319-111, was on its way from Vienna to Moscow, when it transmitted classical number groups extremely typical and consistent with modern shortwave radio's number stations. My properly informed friends tell me that international regulations do not allow the ACARS to be used for espionage purposes.

The typical content of an ACARS message is an estimated time of arrival, a 4-character airport code, and some terse, telegraphic readable content.

Don't ask me how I got this :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The same Russian in USA obtains a schedule of NATO plans

Our bot has found the following message from August 2007 - the Russian already has the schedule of upcoming NATO exercises:

The source is the same as in this post. Who could this guy be?

Russian illegal in US reports on military traffic?

This is an unexpected harvest my bots brought in:

It shows that somebody very loyal to the Russian Federation, and not associated with the Russian Embassy in USA, has easily intercepted US-UK radio traffic. The first message deals with a mysterious emergency search and rescue by NATO in the Atlantic. The second message, stored on an unnamed server, this individual says that he left his recording equipment listening to the 6697 Hz frequency, Upper Side Band, RATT transmission mode. What he picked up is a Nimrod, a British maritime surveillance plane leaving US on the way to RAF Kinloss. The Russian listener appears to be professionally experienced in the US-NATO radio traffic patterns. The telegraphic style of the message is chillingly old school.

Do you see anything consistent with the material in this post?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Letterheads of FSB's, Putin secret memos

The classified FSB memo with the keyworded, compartmentalized information reading list:

Quite some time ago I started getting comments of supposedly demeaning intent, caused by the truth on this blog hurting the ex-iron evil empire apparatchiks' consciousness. This post, for example, now sounds as if the rather brusque requests (if I was interested in having enough "beer money") came really from Moscow, NOT Britain. The British nowadays are mired in the permanent marshland of politically correct complacency, symbolic pomp and circumstance, and knifings by its baggy pants youth.

On November 12, 2008 I came back from a long hiatus wherein I worked hard, and provided sustenance for my palatial domicile and its dear occupants. I was also involved in tricky negotiations about Russian documents I have gotten hold of in the process.

Few posts prior was the distant July 25, when the BAE document caused upset stomach with the document's owners in Moscow.

The bottom line: I am not posting the documents in their entirety on this blog. I have sold them to a major news agency, though I can still show the letterheads on the blog. For those of you who contacted me by the comments that I never post, here are the rest of the letterheads:

The above memo is unique because it uses English in its letterhead, and yet it is internal, sent from the Lubyanka HQ January 17, 2008, faxed the next day, and its content points to interesting instructions regarding FSB-Administration-Diplomatic strategy of responding to the Litvinenko poisoning inquiries.

This memo of 16 January 2008 instructs an interesting interested party on the focus of Lugovoi-Scaramella angle of inquiries.

And the most lucrative document of them all - the one penned by V. V. Putin himself on November 26, 2008, about gas revenge politics (I thought he was the PM, and not the president already):

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here's the list of secret Soviet (or contemporary Russian) supply dumps in United States

Drawn out from alcoholic ex-soviet diplomats, overheard by expert friends in St. Petersburg,(Russia), and one reserve U. S. Air Force officer in St. Petersburg, FL, or gathered by sources and methods that nobody in his right mind would reveal:

Upper Marlboro, MD: somewhere on Brown Station Rd, between John Rogers and Marlborough pike - Andrews AFB is only 5 miles away - unknown contents

Mitchellville, MD, between Enterprise Golf Course and I-50 - unspecified "emergency supplies," 7 miles from Washington, DC and Andrews AFB

Busch Gardens Europe, Williamsburg, VA - unspecified dead drop near "a hot dog concession stand"

Fort Marcy Park, Rivercrest, MD - coincidentally, the site of Vince Foster's suicide - unknown communication equipment, street-bought handguns.

Corner of Seabreeze and Surf Avenue, Brighton Beach, NYC - "emergency supplies"

Between Nixon Court, Shore Parkway and Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NYC, - unspecified "tactical" supplies

more to follow!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Agencies curious about this blog

All the while I am working my way through the new materials, I am getting a whole lot of not-so-friendly comments that I do not post for simple reason of not losing my Adsense account. As someone threatened in a previous post, I do need Adsense to buy a beer once in a while.

You might be aware that I am using bots to find and check info. Bots can query servers more efficiently than a human operator. I also use bots to find servers that tried to research this blog, either by Googling the author's ID, blog ID, and other Boolean operators, or back-end log entries.

But my bots are the ones that report what is going on behind my back. Here are the ISPs that originated unnatural curiosity about my blog:

Su29 Telecom Isp, Russian Federation: a lot of Russian military detachment inquiries

Wittenberg-net Germany diplomatic corps-related searches -Russian air defense college, SIGINT and ELINT queries - FSB internal departmental employee queries -Department Of Data Communications, (query: сотрудник отдела «П» ФСБ, Саша Дюков, штатный провокатор и сотрудник отдела «П» ФСБ Российской Федерации, имеющий имеющий оперативный псевдоним «Флаг»), Headquarters Of National Armed Forces Republic Of Latvia - SIGINT inquiries Investelektrosviaz Ltd, Russian military detachment inquiries

The situation gets ever more curious!