Monday, February 2, 2009

Agencies curious about this blog

All the while I am working my way through the new materials, I am getting a whole lot of not-so-friendly comments that I do not post for simple reason of not losing my Adsense account. As someone threatened in a previous post, I do need Adsense to buy a beer once in a while.

You might be aware that I am using bots to find and check info. Bots can query servers more efficiently than a human operator. I also use bots to find servers that tried to research this blog, either by Googling the author's ID, blog ID, and other Boolean operators, or back-end log entries.

But my bots are the ones that report what is going on behind my back. Here are the ISPs that originated unnatural curiosity about my blog:

Su29 Telecom Isp, Russian Federation: a lot of Russian military detachment inquiries

Wittenberg-net Germany diplomatic corps-related searches -Russian air defense college, SIGINT and ELINT queries - FSB internal departmental employee queries -Department Of Data Communications, (query: сотрудник отдела «П» ФСБ, Саша Дюков, штатный провокатор и сотрудник отдела «П» ФСБ Российской Федерации, имеющий имеющий оперативный псевдоним «Флаг»), Headquarters Of National Armed Forces Republic Of Latvia - SIGINT inquiries Investelektrosviaz Ltd, Russian military detachment inquiries

The situation gets ever more curious!


Alex said...

Maintain your digital and physical

Vicky said...

I do,can't be too careful!